Hello, welcome to my website. I built it myself. There were no overnight elves available to write about me in the third person and extol my virtues. They are all very busy at this time of year.

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Flash fiction. Forthcoming in Spelk (March, 2015)

Wake-Up Call

Poem. Forthcoming in The Stare’s Nest (date t.b.a.)

Manhunt – Carmencita on the Run

“Stupid, pure stupid I was. I don’t even want to talk about it. O Lord Jesus forgive me for all the effing and blinding I did to that shower of miserable bitches. I rue the day I ever agreed to help them. I knew. I knew. It was against my better judgement. Take my advice, if you’re inside and you only have a month to go, don’t even talk to anyone, just keep yourself to yourself.”

Forthcoming on Kindle (so-oo-oo-n)

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